Holders benefits
Hold Crypto, Earn Stocks
Getting reward in a stable asset
The usual problem of yield-generating tokens and mechanisms such as Yield Farming is: rewards are given its native token, but due to high emission and depreciation in value of the token, rewards of the investors become worthless. On the other hand, while holding Earn Tesla, investors receive tokenized Tesla stocks, and the price of stocks can be considered stable compared to the price of the crypto tokens.
As mentioned before, the dollar amount of rewards DO NOT depend on the price of the token. It depends only on the trading volume (in dollars) and the proportion of total supply the investor holds (which is not changed if the price of the token depreciates as the ratio remains unchanged). So, even if the native token depreciates, investors will be rewarded with the same dollar amount if the trading volume and the proportion of total supply remains the same.
Airdrop for holders
As it can be seen from our Roadmap, airdrop for existing holders is planed in December 2021. If the tokens are just airdropped without the additional liquidity, the price depreciates as receivers usually just sell the tokens. However, if the additional liquidity in BNB is provided together with airdrop, the price drop is prevented. Furthermore, airdrop receivers will have multiple benefits if the decide to hold instead of sell the tokens.
Airdrop receivers will be the holders of eTSLA token, and the amount for the airdrop will be calculated in the following way:
Where ai is percentage of the full airdrop amount that the holder i receives, n is the snapshots taken from listing to airdrop distribution. There will be 15 snapshots randomly taken, to collect the and the total holding amount. After the snapshot is done, investors will be notified.
The list of wallets will bi available in PDF prior to airdrop distribution. All project-related wallets (team, marketing, staking, bounties, advisors) will be excluded from the airdrop.
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