Redistribution calculation
Hold Crpyto, Earn Stocks

How the redistribution amount for each holder is calculated?

Redistribution is based on percentage of the tokens that individual holds (out of total supply). It means, tokenized stocks the contract gains will be split equally proportionally to the token holders. Daily gains in tokenized stocks (denominated in $USD) are calculated as follows (approximation):
Where is the amount of tokens individual i holds. The dollar amount of rewards DOES NOT depend on the price of the token. It depends only on the trading volume and proportion of the total supply the investor holds. So, even if the native token depreciates, investors will be rewarded with the same dollar amount if the trading volume and the proportion of the total supply remains the unchanged.
In a fact, redistribution will be processed every 60 minutes and daily calculation was given just for simplicity. To be eligible for the distribution of the rewards, there is a requirement to hold a minimum of 20 eTesla tokens.
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