Hold Crypto, Earn Stocks

How to buy Earn TSLA token?

1) We assume that you already have Metamask or BSC wallet (and of course some BNB tokens). If you don't have any wallet, please watch some Youtube video about how to install Metamask and transfer BNB to it. 2) Then click HERE or use this address on 0x231bc6584c687d44c9b3734c658ae390bb63ef8d PancakeSwap and select Earn Tesla token. Set the slippage tolerance to 14% (usually 10% is enough, but we recommend 14% in case of any problem) 3) After a swap (eTSLA for BNB), you neet do add the contract to your wallet. 4) Just hold your tokens to earn stocks!

How I can get stocks as a reward?

Numus tokens belong to the next evolution of a yield-generating contracts: holders get rewarded in tokenized version of stocks instead of the native token. The mechanism works in a way that every transaction is taxed and the rewards for holders are distributed from the taxes. Therefore, holders of eTSLA token will receive tokenized version of Tesla stock as a reward. What is a tokenized version of a stock? A tokenized version of a stock is a token that mimics or replicates the price of the stock ($ for $ and % for %). It means, if the Tesla stock price is 700$ at the moment, the price of a one stock token will be 700$. If the price of a stock falls to a 600$, the price of a one token will also drop to 600$. Therefore, hold one tokenized stock it is almost the same as owning a stock. Tokenized versions of stocks on BSC network are provided by Mirror protocol. As Mirror ecosystem is important for Numus project, section Mirror protocol in our docs shortly introduces the Mirror protocol and the mechanism how the token follows the price of the stock.

Is there a minimum a mount of tokens I need to hold?

Yes. As transaction to your wallet costs, you need to hold at least 20 tokens to receive the reward.

When do I receive my token rewards?

Redistribution is scheduled every 60 minutes (approximately).
Here is the explanation how the distribution works "behind the scenes": 1) For processing, the contract keeps track of all token holders and indices in an array 2) Depending on the transaction size, each transaction handles a particular number of users (bigger token transactions can process more users, since the gas will still be proportionally less than the value of the tokens) 3) The token follows the Dividend-Paying Token Standard, which ensures that all mTSLA (a tokenized version of stock) contract profits will be distributed evenly among token holders 4) When a holder is processed, the contract examines how many withdrawable dividends they have. If that number is greater than the minimal threshold for auto-claims, either claims those dividends for mTSLA or buys back tokens for them.
This system is entirely automated and the number of holders processed per transaction is dependent on a transaction size. Dividends will be paid to holders based on their place in the queue. To receive mTSLA payouts, you must have a minimum token balance of 20 Tesla tokens.
I am not able to buy/sell. Why?
Put slippage tolerance at 14%. Usually, 10% slippage would be enough. However, to avoid any problems, increase it to 14%.
I have bought the tokens, but the tokens are not in my wallet. Why?
If you are sure that transaction was successful (you can see that on BscScan), then just the token contract needs to be added to Metamask (or any other wallet).
I did not receive my tokens even if 60 minutes passed. Why?
As it was explained under the questions "When do I receive my token rewards?" - every transaction can process only couple of investors, and all the investors have index number in array. Therefore, your reward will be distributed with a short delay if there is a "low traffic" period.
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